What is DNA Testing?

DNA Testing, also known as DNA Screening or DNA profiling is a molecular genetic methodology that permits the identification of people through their hair, blood, semen, or alternative biological traces. The idea of DNA Testing was first introduced by the British scientist Alec Jeffreys in 1984. His methodology focused on the sequence of DNA that has got recurring patterns. These patterns are unique to each and every individual.

The most common uses for DNA Testing include:

1. Forensics: DNA Testing is extensively used in forensic investigations. DNA traces from a crime scene are a perfect way to pinpoint a criminal
2. Settling Paternity Disputes : DNA Testing is the fool proof way to identify the parents of a child. It is very useful to find out adopted children, settling inheritance lawsuits and uniting the people who were separated from relatives due to war or natural calamities
3. Agriculture: Through modifying the DNA of plants, scientists have successfully developed high yielding crops, which grow even in non-fertile land and consumes less water
4. Medicine: DNA Testing has widespread use in medicine. DNA Testing enables scientists to develop personalized medicines and treatments for various diseases like cancer, heart diseases, etc.
5. Confirm the blood relationship between two people
6. Define whether two people are a good genetic match for medical reasons
7. Determine whether a particular individual's DNA matches the DNA at a crime scene
8. Identify a dead body


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